Planning a sailing trip this summer? make sure you call us now to be sure of getting the dates you want.

We still have availability for the following events:

  • Round the Island Race
    (21st - 23rd June)
  • Cork Week
    (13th - 20th July)
  • Cowes Week
    (3rd - 10th August)

Don't be disappointed. Contact us now for booking details and be sure to look out for our upcoming online booking facility.



Get a group of friends together and sail the Solent, for a weekend or further afield if you have the time. The cruising ground of the Solent provides variety and good venues to eat and drink in the evenings.

Wine & Dine Cruises

Why not combine a love of sailing with a gourmet trip of the Solent? We know good restaurants which can be accessed by yacht, ones also with good wine lists.

Organize a group of friends or club colleagues and combine learning a sport with serious evening relaxation!


For those of you with hectic lifestyles who have not had time to build up (the obligatory) hundreds of like minded sailing friends, join our singles list (contact here) to come on weekends and days getting together with people you've never met before.


Soon, there will be opportunities to sail Acclaim in sunnier (or for those who prefer, chillier) climes. Why don't you ask about a Charter abroad?

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