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Acclaim was the first Nicholson 55 produced, in 1970. Until recently she belonged to the Lloyds of London Yacht Club as 'Lutine', the name given to all of Lloyds Yacht Club boats.

Lutine regularly competed in RORC events such as the Fastnet race. She was named after the famous 'Lutine Bell' which hangs in the main atrium of the Lloyds Building.

The bell was recovered from HMS Lutine, insured by Lloyds and sunk in 1799 with the loss of today's equivalent of £40 million of cargo. The bell was recovered during salvage operations in 1858. It has hung in Lloyds ever since, and was traditionally rung once to indicate bad news or twice for good. It is now rung only on ceremonial occasions

The Lutine Trophy offshore race, organized by Lloyds Yacht Club and the Royal Ocean Racing Club was run from Great Yarmouth on August the 26th 1999 to commemorate the bicentenary of the last voyage of Lutine. The race covered the 147 miles to Terschelling, in the Frisian Islands off the Dutch coast , where HMS Lutine foundered during a storm in October 1799.

The British Armed Forces have operated a fleet of Nicholson 55s around the world for more than 30 years. Yachts such as 'Bloodhound' are used for adventure training for service men and women.


Built for speed, but suitable for sailors of all abilities, Acclaim is a classic Camper & Nicholson 55' Ocean Racer.

Acclaim is available for corporate and private skippered charter.

We are moored in Gosport, near Portsmouth. Acclaim can be chartered from most UK destinations by arrangement.

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